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  • 文章来源:中国条码技术与应用协会
  • 发布时间:2015-11-24
  关于SPS Commerce
     SPS Commerce perfects the power of your trading partner relationships with the industry’s most broadly adopted, enterprise retail cloud services platform. As a leader in on-demand supply chain management solutions, we provide prewired, proven integrations and comprehensive retail performance analytics to thousands of customers worldwide. With a singular focus on the retail marketplace, we revolutionized traditional EDI systems by developing a platform that enables highly cost-effective and reliable trading partner collaboration. SPS Commerce has achieved 57 consecutive quarters of revenue growth and is headquartered in Minneapolis.
     SPS Commerce 拥有行业内被广泛采用的企业零售云服务平台,专注于使您和商业伙伴之间的业务关系至臻完美。作为供应链按需管理方案服务的佼佼者,我们为全球成千上万的客户提供定制的系统集成方案及综合的零售数据分析方案。我们专注于零售行业,给传统的EDI带来革新,我们的平台使商业伙伴之间的合作更加顺畅,提高了成本效益。SPS Commerce总部位于美国明尼阿波里斯市,已经连续57季度实现了营收增长。
  SPS Commerce in China
     SPS opened direct offices in Beijing in 2006 and Hong Kong in 2011, to serve the growing regional market. Driven initially by Chinese manufacturers connecting with North American and European retailers to trade via EDI, the local market is experiencing a new wave of interest in automated trading.
     面对亚洲客户日益增长的需求,SPS 分别于2006年和2011年成立了北京分处和香港分处。 中国生产商与北美和欧洲的零售商建立了广泛的EDI连接,如今,中国市场正在经历新一轮的自动化浪潮。
     Other than English, our cloud-based solutions are available with simplified and traditional Chinese language user interfaces, reflecting our deep commitment to China. Consultation, training, and front-line support is similarly conducted from our local offices, in Mandarin and Cantonese for the convenience of our valued network partners. Our Chinese language solutions connect you seamlessly with network partners around the world, through SPS Commerce cloud platform.
  SPS Commerce – 北京
  +86 400 889 7412
  +86 (0)1059045291
  SPS Commerce – 香港
  中国香港鲗鱼涌华兰路 18 号 港岛东中心 60 楼
  +852 28556993
  SPS Commerce solutions
  SPS Commerce 解决方案
  EDI 文件数据交换
     Exceed consumer expectations with fulfillment solutions(web-based EDI, ERP integration, Scan& Pack solutions etc.) specifically built to enhance more collaborative trading partner
     SPS 提供网页版 EDI、ERP 整合、包装扫描等高效的文件数据交换 EDI 解决方案,使得您与您的贸易伙伴有着紧密的合作关系。
  • Integrate with all of your current and future trading partners
  • 与您现有及将来所有的商业伙伴进行连接
  • Quickly comply with trading partner requirements
  • 快速高效地满足商业伙伴的要求
  • Seamlessly manage orders, shipments, payments and returns
  • 实现订单接收、货品发送、收款、退货等项目的顺畅衔接
  Build a more responsive supply chain with our fulfillment solutions architected for the omnichannel era.
  在全渠道时代使用 SPS EDI 解决方案打造更加高速有效的供应链。
  Collaborate with the world’s largest network of retailers, suppliers and 3PLs to gain mutual advantages across our Retail Universe community. Retailers can find   suppliers that meet their trading requirements, and suppliers and 3PLs can promote their capabilities to the network.
  通过我们的 Retail Universe 贸易伙伴平台,来加入全球最大的零售商、供应商及第三方物流公司关系网,寻求更多合作,实现共赢。
  • Over 7,000 members
  • 逾 7,000 成员企业
  • 1,300,000 branded products
  • 1,300,000 产品品牌
  • 100% free
  • 完全免费
  Join the retail industry’s largest sourcing community.
  零售商、供应商 EDI 批量启动服务
  Improve vendor compliance and drive seamless and predictable change across your entire trading partner community with our community development programs.
  • Improve supply chain efficiency and reduce costs
  • 提高供应链管理效率,减少成本
  • Achieve 70% to 90% vendor compliance
  • 取得高达 70%-90% 的供应商配合度
  • Maximize adoption and minimize disruption to your vendor community
  • 最大化地提高有效配合,降低管理成本
  Optimize your community development strategy for an omnichannel era.
  Today’s consumers demand extensive product information prior to making a purchase. Rely on us to deliver the most comprehensive assortment solution      available in the industry.
  • Meet consumer demand for detailed product information
  • 满足消费者对产品信息细节化的需求
  • Exchange the latest product attributes with your trading partners
  • 与您的商业伙伴交换最新的产品特性
  • Simplify new product setup and maintenance
  • 简化新产品的建立与维护
  Share product details better and faster than ever before.
  Get immediate visibility into sales and inventory data to stay ahead in the omnichannel era.
  • Gain real-time insight into the data you need to boost sales and profits
  • 获得能够提升业绩和利润的一手数据
  • Improve collaboration with your trading partners
  • 增进您和商业伙伴之间的顺畅合作
  • Convert data into omnichannel growth
  • 在全渠道时代,将数据转换为业务增长
  Turn data into insight with our analytics solutions.